Tega తెగ is dedicated to honoring our earth and its people. For millennia Adivasi communities have known that rocks, trees, soil, humans and other animals are all Tega (family) and God within us.

We aim to create harmonious relationships with the ecosystems and communities through traditions older than India itself.

Beyond Sustainability

For a better future we must go beyond sustaining our planet to healing the planet and its people. Products cannot be sustainable but practices and relationships can. We create regenerative relationships everyone we work with, from the native plants and weavers in India to tailors and Adivasi artisans. We honor each member of this through commitments and wealth distribution.

Our Fabrics

Every region in the world has incredible biodiversity so we focus on championing native fibers in South Asia like Khadi (indigenous cotton) and Eri (peace) silk originating from Assam, India. The circle of life is an Adivasi concept, we believe fabrics are the same and use deadstock and recycled cotton fabrics. Each piece is handwoven with care and colored with natural dyes like Indigo leaf for vibrant blues, madder root for deep reds, and turmeric, myrobalan and marigold for bright, sunshine yellows. 

Adivasi Communities & Craft

With the rise of fast fashion, knockoffs and appropriation, craft communities started leaving their work. Our mission is to amplify Adivasi knowledge through craft and culture with each collection. Each community has unique traditions of embroidery, block printing, mirror work, patterns, and textiles. Our first collection includes intricate Lambani embroidery and mirror work by nomadic Lambani tribal artisans in collaboration with Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra, an NGO in Sandur, Karnataka focused on amplifying Lambani craft.

No Scrap Left Behind

Every fabric scrap is valuable and can be turned into something beautiful. We upcycle all of our fabric scraps into accessories like scrunchies, scarves and masks. If a piece is too small we use it to stuff cushions and mattresses.

Made to Last

Your piece is made to be loved and make memories in for decades to come. We design timeless silhouettes with high quality fabrics and craftsmanship. If you find yourself not needing your piece anymore you may send it back to us where we will give it a new life in our vintage and upcycled collections.